After a fifty year career of designing and building full size fiberglass sailboats, I have turned my attention to my other interest Model Building.

As a child I loved model sailboats and have been building and collecting them for fun since then.

I developed an appreciation of sculpture and form while acquiring my degree in Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design in the 1960's. I consider my model sailboats to be pieces of sculpture. A large scale model is a striking focal point over a fireplace. Smaller models, artfully placed in a bookcase or wall unit, are a wonderful addition to any display. You may simply want to see a model of your sailboat atop a desk or dresser to remind you of sailing pleasures during the off season.

My favorite building material is fiberglass. The models are built with the same techniques and processes as the real sailboats I built.

I have molds and have built models for the Rainbow, Classic Cat, Baybird and Hurricane, my former Compass Classic Yacht fleet.

I can work from plans or photos to build a model of your sailboat with as much detail as you desire.
Some of my recent model commissions
Intrepid Liris Minerva Wianno Sr. Weathervanes

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