When it comes to restaurant delivery services, time and efficiency are always required. People that order food online are excited to get their food as soon as possible. In case of delays, customers tend to get furious and skeptical to order some other time. On-time delivery is very important for restaurants that want to run a smooth business. 

To help them out, food transportation companies are available these days. Such companies offer online food services to deliver food to customers faster and cheaper. For further assistance in enhancing your restaurant’s delivery service and time management, scroll down to read a few useful tips.

 Use technology to assign and track deliveries

Technology has become a basic necessity these days. You can use it to your advantage to assigning new orders to the restaurant delivery agents. You can also track orders via technology once they are dispatched. There are many online delivery apps that you can access to assign food orders to free-riders. Once assigned, the whole delivery process can be tracked to evaluate the rider’s performance and to make better arrangements and plans. It can be a helpful method to keep a record of the delivery and dispatch time, assess delivery staff, and examine how much time it takes for your orders to get delivered.

Select Delivery Drivers Wisely

If you choose a reputed restaurant delivery partner like Swiggy or Foodpanda, you will no longer require to spend a lot of time contacting delivery boys and vehicles. This way you can select your delivery partners according to your requirements. Selecting better delivery drivers is an impressive and effective way to lessen food delivery time during unanticipated traffic jams. It even lessens food delivery costs on the whole, like insurance and wages per hour.

According to an estimate, more than 75 percent of orders of all restaurants are made through online services. And almost all restaurants that use online delivery agencies deliver much faster and save a lot of time than those who hire delivery boys.

Enhanced client communication

Most of the restaurant orders are delivered late just because the address provided by the clients is not always properly communicated. Orders are hardly delayed because of the food preparation process but because of the prolonged delivery time.

When clients fail to give a proper address, delivery drivers roam around for several minutes searching for the delivery destination. So, you better improve client communication to ensure a much faster food delivery. Try making a call to the customers before sending their orders out for delivery. Ask them to confirm their address and provide appropriate and valid landmarks, in case the given address seems incomplete. Furthermore, give your riders a GPS that may help them discover the customers’ addresses sooner than expected.


The future of food delivery is nowadays more auspicious than ever because of the enhanced technology and changing preferences of people. But, restaurant owners need to keep in mind that food quality should not be compromised even when you are delivering it to the customers. Provide high-quality customer service and food to your consumers. In addition, use the above-mentioned information to increase your sales.