What is health?: Defining and preserving good healthHealth is a term that we hear regularly but not many people have taken time to grasp what it entails, its importance, and for those who are healthy, to appreciate their health. It is common to hear people complain about a lot of mundane things to the extent of committing murder or suicide, without really pausing to think about the fact that they have sound health. A status that many people in the hospital will gladly forfeit everything just to have sound health again. Many people often think that health is limited to just their physical wellbeing. However, it goes much beyond that. This article will discuss what human health entails.

Human health
Human health can be divided into 2 broad topics: physical health and mental health. Both health types need to be fine before it can be said that a person is healthy. Both health types will be discussed subsequently.

Mental health
Mental health can be defined as a situation where a person knows what he or she should do, can deal with everyday stress that life throws at him or her, can work properly and can contribute to the community he or she resides in. The different aspects of mental health include social, psychological, and emotional. Thus, the individual should be sound in all of these aspects. Our actions, feelings, and the way we think are all affected by our mental health.

Our mental health also contributes significantly to how we make choices relate to other people, and how we handle stress. From childhood, all through to adulthood, mental health remains a very vital state of our lives. Mental health is vital because of the role it plays in our emotions, behaviors, and thoughts.

Everything around you will be impacted positively when your mental health is sound or negatively when your mental health is not sound. There are several types of mental illness that a person can suffer from. Some of them include disorders from substance abuse, disorders due to trauma, eating disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders. In most cases, it is not possible to fully treat mental illness. Psychotherapy and medications might be administered. In the long run, the best results will be to significantly minimize symptoms to the extent the person can function in social environments such as school and work. Thus, it is often best to avoid getting mentally ill in the first place.

One of the ways you can reduce the chances of mental and physical illnesses is by patronizing online fitness companies. You can also reduce the chances of mental illness by avoiding every form of stress and trauma as much as possible. You should always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. This way, you would have a coping mechanism when the worst happens and you won’t allow it to stress or traumatize you to the process of affecting your mental health.

Physical health
Physical health entails the status of an individual’s body. Hence, a person is said to be in good physical health if the status of their body is that they have a high fitness level and no disease is present in their body. However, there are varying levels of physical illness from very mild that would not hamper the person from carrying out their daily activities to very severe that could have the individual is confined to a bed or even in a coma.

The lifestyle of an individual can affect their physical health. Behaviors like smoking; poor physical activity and an unhealthy diet can easily affect the physical health of a person negatively. When a person is suffering from physical health, they can go to the hospital where they can be tested, diagnosed, and treated.